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const char* vcdinfo_video_type2str ( const vcdinfo_obj_t *  obj,
segnum_t  seg_num 

Note first seg_num is 0!

Definition at line 294 of file info.c.

References vcdinfo_get_video_type(), and vcdinfo_video_type2str().

Referenced by vcdinfo_video_type2str().

  const char *video_types[] =
      "no stream",
      "NTSC still",
      "NTSC still (lo+hires)",
      "NTSC motion",
      "reserved (0x4)",
      "PAL still",
      "PAL still (lo+hires)",
      "PAL motion"
  return video_types[vcdinfo_get_video_type(obj, seg_num)];

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