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lsn_t vcdinfo_get_entry_lsn ( const vcdinfo_obj_t *  obj,
unsigned int  entry_num 

Return the starting LSN (logical sector number) for sequence entry_num in obj. VCDINFO_NULL_LSN is returned if there is no entry. The first entry number is 0.

Return the starting LBA (logical block address) for sequence entry_num in obj. VCDINFO_NULL_LBA is returned if there is no entry.

Definition at line 713 of file info.c.

References vcdinfo_get_entry_lsn(), vcdinfo_get_entry_msf(), VCDINFO_NULL_LBA, and VCDINFO_NULL_LSN.

Referenced by vcdinfo_get_entry_lsn(), vcdinfo_get_entry_sect_count(), and vcdinfo_lsn_get_entry().

  if ( NULL == obj ) return VCDINFO_NULL_LBA;
  else {
    const msf_t *msf = vcdinfo_get_entry_msf(obj, entry_num);
    return (msf != NULL) ? cdio_msf_to_lsn(msf) : VCDINFO_NULL_LSN;

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